Common Reporting Framework


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Common Reporting (COREP) refers to the standardised regulatory reporting framework across the EU initiated by the Committee of European Banking Supervisors (CEBs) and their successor, the European Banking Authority (EBA). GReg provides an automated solution to simplify the process of COREP reporting, or custom made Risk Portfolio Management reports, for group or solo entities. The model is structured in data layers which allow strong decoupling between source systems and the final output. Automated processes, collect the required data from back – end systems or flat files. Data is consolidated through validation jobs in order to assure consistency of the information. Other automated processes load historical information to guarantee that every change is usable and auditable at any time.



IP Losses

Large Exposures

Leverage Ratio

Liquidity Coverage requirements

Reporting on stable funding (NSFR)

Reporting on additional monitoring metrics for liquidity

Reporting on asset encumbrance